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R.I.P. Sparky
My kitties Sparky and Penny both died last year, they were very sweet.
R.I.P. Penny

Thinking about adopting a pet?

Mietze and Sparky
Mietze (rhymes with "Pizza") and Sparky were really cute, looking out the window together.
Koshka (means "cat-female" in Russian) is about 2 years old. She has soft bunny-fur.
Poppy, 6 year-old hound doggie. This picture is so funny. I had it as my desktop picture for a while.
Miss Pibb Miss Olivia Pibb is our baby. She lives with me and my boyfriend (the others live with my folks). We usually just call her "kitty."
Penny died a couple of months ago, at the ripe old age of 20. I had her since she was born under my bed in 1983.
Poppy and Koshka
Koshi has a lot of nerve, and Poppy doesn't. Here, Koshi lays on Poppy's bed leaving poor Poppy to lay on the floor.
Mietze always sits in this silly way, with her "arms" hanging down. "Mietze" is German, it means "kitty cat."
gypsmos Gypsy and Moses: the retired horses. Sometimes they're clean and lovely...
Usually they're discracefully dirty!
bahney Last but not least...Barney! A nickname we gave a wild kitty who hangs around the barn. He's quite elusive, but he appreciates the food we leave out for him.
There are some pictures of the humans in my family on Henry's page!

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