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The cutie-pie next to me is a kinkajou. To see a cool page about kinkajous, CLICK HERE

I apologize for the horrible design of this page, I plan on updating it soon :)

Here are links to my three larger sites. One is dedicated to my favorite book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, especially the many illustrated versions. The second is about another favorite of mine, Halloween, especially the costumes my friends and I have sported through the years. And third-my online art portfolio!

Alice in Wonderland


online portfolio

Henry, my nephew, is now three! Check out his page:
Welcome, Henry!videos!


Here is a little page of pictures of the fuzzy 4-legged members of my family:
My Family Updated 3/04!

And also, here is something silly.

These are websites you can go to, click a button, and save wildlife habitat for free. Sponsors donate land for every click. It takes 2 seconds :)

click to save the rainforest Race for the Big Cats Donate Land for Free!

I've found so many of these great sites that I put together a separate page with links to all of them:
Click to Save Wildlife!

Here's my Friendster page...

My MySpace Page. It's like Friendster, but cooler (very addicting!)


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