If you have a Halloween or horror-related website, I'd love to exchnage banners with you! Just email me with your site info and I'll post your banner here asap. Below are various choices for my banner. Please link it to http://www.laurenharman.com/halloween/index.html


If you would like a button or banner to link to my Halloween Page, here are some that you can put on your site. The file size is
shown below each image. If you would like a version that is not animated, just email me and let me know :)

Lauren's Halloween Page
Lauren's Halloween Page
Laurens Halloween Page
Lauren's Halloween Page

Halloween Prop Shop

Souls of Terror

Hauntmasters Halloween Pro Shoppe

Rotting Flesh Radio

Quiltbat The Halloween Pages

Spooky Planet

Death Studios: Masks, Props, Puppets

The Dr. Vornoff Web Page

The Costume Bizarre

Club Haunt, Your online horror resource.

Beyond Midnight

Peggy's Haunted Domain

Winter Steel

 Scare'em Witless



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