Awards Page 4

Thank you to everyone who gave me these lovely awards and gifts. Click on the awards to go to these spooky sites!

Hauntmasters Creepy Site Award
Thank you, Eric!

Best of Halloween from Judy's Holidays
Thank you, Judy!

Morbig Manor's Spectre Award
Thank you, Keeper!

Haunted House of Freebies 2001 Site Award
Thank you, Carmen!

midnight halloween horror award
Thank you, Caverns of Blood!

Erica's Spooky Halloween Award
Thank you, Erica!

Boo-tiful Halloween Site Award from Flower's Page
Thank you, Flower!

Halloween Horror Excellent Site Award
Thank you, CountessBlood!

Spooky Site Award
Thank you, Linnie Bug!

Happy Halloween from Holiday House
Thank you, Billie Heart!

Haunting Memories Spook-tacular Site Award
Thank you, Carol!

HalloweenQueen Award
Thank you, HalloweenQueen!

Deb's Halloween Haunts Excellent Site Award
Thank you, Deb!

The Castle of Doom Spirit of Halloween Award
Thank you, Madame Darkness!

Evil Tool's Halloween Excellence
Thank you, EVIL TOOL!


Halloween Heaven Most Award: Horrifying Site
Wow, big one! Thanks, Monsterman!


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