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Here are lots of great Websites you can go to and click a button to help save the environment and animals. It's free to you because advertisers sponsor the donations. Some of these sites let you donate to other charities besides wildlife. Click on a few a day :)

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New!a click for the forest
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For residents of Great Britian, check out this site:

mailing preference service
Prevent yourself from getting wasteful, unwanted junk mail!
(Thanks to Bill for the link)

click to save the rainforest Race for the Big Cats Care2's Race for the Oceans
The Rainforest SiteThe Animal Rescue 
The Environment SiteClick Here To Protect The EnvironmentOaks if the WorldI want CLEAN AIR, click
Donate Land for Free!Feed Chimps for FREE!plant a tree, click hereSave Rainforest
Click for pet foodMake Free Waldsiete-Click to help!
Donation JunctionSave the Rainforestbird habitat

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editorial cartoon from the paper last year.
It's by Mike Lukovich:
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Action Alerts

These are sites that take action on environmental problems. They have letters already written out that you can add your own name and info too, and they send these letters off via fax or email. So easy! You can read background information about each issue and edit the text of the letters if you want. If you have a browser with an "auto fill" option, you can enter your information (name, email address, etc), and fill out web forms with a single click! You can usually sign up to receive e-mail invites to new action alerts.

I prefer these action alert sites to other petiton sites, because I can sign my name knowing that the letter-writer has all of the facts straight, and that the letter can make a real difference.

Action Network: Environmental Defense

MASSPIRG Action Alerts

National Parks Conservation Association: Take Action

The Earthjustice Action Center

Save our Environment- ACTION CENTER

Act for Change: Environment

Sierra Club Action Network

National Resources Defense Council

Save the Clean Air Act

New Energy Future


New! Pesticide Action Network

Greenpeace USA Action Center

Rainforest Action Network

PETA Action Alerts


Forest Conservation Action Alerts

International Fund for Animal Welfare

One Sweet Whirled

Alaska Rainforest Campaign

The Humane Society

Global Response

Earth Island Insitiute

CorpWatch: "Holding Corporations Accountable"

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